Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Hiking?

The answer is yes.  For those of you wondering, I do still get out on the trails here in Los Alamos, despite the fact that I haven't reported any new mileage in months at the bottom of my blog posts as I used to.

As the winter came this past year, I started hitting new trails less and less because all of the trails I needed to bag were not close to my house.  Accessing them meant getting in the car and driving.  Because it was winter, the ground was muddy and snowy and that meant that the dogs were tracking all kinds of goo and nast into whatever vehicle I took.  

So for the last few months, we've stuck to the trails here in the neighborhood.  Today, I felt the urge to try a new trail and since it definitely isn't wet around here (please Lord, send rain!) we hopped in the car and shot down to pick up a short but lovely trail a couple miles away off Barranca Mesa.  It was a nice jaunt but it was HOT and provided little respite shade.  Look how worn out my pups were:

So I think I'm going to hold off a little longer yet.  It won't be long before we start getting some cooler Fall temperatures that will make some of the long hikes we have left on the list more comfortable for all of us.  

Keep It Real!

P.S. Los Alamos Trails Goal Update: 18.8 out of 29.5 miles completed.  18 trails down, 7 to go!

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