Friday, July 22, 2011

A Disproportionate Response

Caution: The contents of this post contain insinuation to crude, volatile language.  Read on at your own risk.

So we all know I'm a big jerk that likes to tell people what to do, right?  Right.  Keep that in mind and we'll come back to it.

I have mentioned before that I am a Craigslist fan.  Sometimes I'm searching for stuff in particular.  For example, Leni would like a good extension ladder right now and I'm keeping my eye out for one.  In addition to searching for specific items, I also just like to know what people are trying to sell in my town.  So I'll often go on and just check the ads that have "Los Alamos" in them to see what's around town.

In performing this process, I am constantly coming across the same ad.  The guy has been reposting (read: overposting) it every couple days since the winter months and I was SICK of reading it.  It was an ad for a Bluray DVD of the incredibly disturbing movie, Let Me In.  It was being sold in Albuquerque but had the name "Los Alamos" in the ad because a lot of it was filmed here exactly when we moved to Los Alamos in December of 2009.

So back to me being a jerk.  After seeing this ad for the umpteenth time, I decided that it was my nosey responsibility to tell this guy what I thought.  I knew I shouldn't do it.  But I had to.  Partially because I wanted him to hear some "truth" and perhaps mostly to see what his response would be.  

That response, as it turned out, did not disappoint in the least.  This guy had a temper that could win contests and a mouth to go with it!  Below is the transcript of the emails we bounced back and forth for a couple hours.  My text is in purple, and his is in green.  I have taken some liberties to minimize the effect of his colorful language.

If you have an ad up for several months and don't sell it, it either means that no one wants it at that price or that no one wants it at all.  Truth be told, very few people do blue ray, so that's not in your favor.  Secondly, I could get this exact movie on blue ray, brand new and not from someone who says it is brand new, for a dollar less on Amazon.  Nothing ever sells on Craigslist for anything near what it goes for in real life as a new product.

So please do yourself and the rest of us (who are sick of seeing the ad) a favor and either drop the price dramatically or quit running the ad altogether.

I reported you to Craigslist for abuse of the flagging feature.
My ad didnt violate any rules in craigslist. It was only 1 ad.
And who gives a sh!t how long I've had it for sale in Craigslist.
Oh wow! You can get it for $1 less? BIG DEAL You cheap piece of sh!t!
If you don't like my ad DON'T F**KING OPEN IT YOU F**KING STUPID D#####BAG!

(DANG!  I was more amused than I was offended and wanted to shoot him another simple message back, just to see how much more ridiculous he could get.)

Wow. Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?


I tried one more time to get him after this but I think he caught on because I never heard back.  It's probably for the best because I think I'd already seen his worst.  I know I shouldn't have messaged him in the first place but I was just shocked and appalled at the level of insanity to which he took it.  

I hope that he is less intense in real life to the legit people around him.  Someone should wash his mouth out with soap.

Keep It Real!

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