Monday, January 9, 2012


It's an exciting time around here....there are so many things to look forward to!  

16 days until....the (somewhat) annual ski trip with these folks:

We'll be coming from as far as Pennsylvania and Tennessee and as close as....New Mexico :)  The destination this time?  Aspen....where the beer flows like wine!  If you don't get that reference, we can't be friends.  I keep losing count but I think there are going to be 13 of us in attendance this year and we've rented a pretty awesome lodge for the week.  I won't be skiing (sad face) this year but look forward to watching ESPN's Winter X Games live in action at Aspen!

100 days until...the projected arrival of Mini Moore!  

Again, forgive the bad photo.  It's a picture of a picture.  
The photo above was taken at 20 weeks....which was 6 weeks ago.  Word on the street is that yes, we've got a name selected and no, you won't hear what it is until he arrives.  Stay tuned!

166 days best friend's wedding!

Janelle and Thomas will get married in June in Charlottesville, VA and I couldn't be more excited to be out there for the weekend.  Should be a pretty rockin' time....even if we'll be learning on the job how to travel with a 9-week-old :)

199 days until...the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. 

Is there still some lingering bitterness that Chicago was not selected for the host city for 2012?  Sure...but I think we can all move on and enjoy the wonder that is the Olympics.  Favorite summer events?  Swimming races, diving, and gymnastics!

So life is good :)  Hope there are things on your life's horizon that are getting you as excited.

Keep It Real!

P.S. Los Alamos Trails Goal Update: 25.6 of 29.5 miles completed, 2.9 miles to go.  No progress since the last post but with icy trails, I don't like to go hiking by myself these days.  I'll get there though!