Monday, March 18, 2013


A goal set long ago, has been finished.

Recall that in October of 2010, I publicized that I wanted to hike all of the 29.5 miles worth of trails contained within our city limits here in Los Alamos.  

It has sure taken a dang while.  But not for lack of getting out on the trails by any means.  Rather, it got to a point where it was just simpler to hike the trails that were close by over and over than it was to go to the effort to load up everyone in the car and drive to a trailhead that wasn't easily accessible on foot from our home.  Also, one of the trails I had left to do wasn't immediately accessible from a had to hike a few miles down another trail just to access it.  So it was just easier to put off for all those reasons.

This past weekend, Leni suggested we drive up into the Jemez mountains for a long hike.  It sounded like a nice prospect, but then I realized that, as long as we were up for a long hike and getting in the car to do it, we might as well knock out the last 2 trails (totaling 3.1 miles).  

So we did it.  To get both the trails involved an almost 6 mile loop.  This was my view most of the time:

It is finished.  The whole point of this challenge was not so much for the goal of putting all those 29.5 miles behind me so much as just a chance to see parts of town that lots of people never see.  But there are tons of trails outside of town as well that I'm excited to turn my attention to.

Huge thanks to Leni for his support in hiking a lot of these trails with me when he might have wanted to do other things.

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