Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break: Virginia

It's 9:34am and I'm still in bed.  

I've been awake for some time but I just haven't gotten the energy to get out of bed after so many hours of traveling yesterday, concluded by a 1am arrival back here at home.

After months of eager anticipation, Leni and I jumped a plane early this past Thursday morning.  Destination?  Charlottesville, Virginia; the home of my best friend, Janelle.

This was to be a particularly fun trip because Leni was on the roster this time.  I've been visiting Virginia every 1 or 2 years for the last decade and in the 5 years I've known Leni, this is the first trip for which he'd been able to join me.  Additionally, I was going to meet a young man that has become particularly important in Janelle's life lately :)

We definitely made the most out of every minute of the trip, jammed a lot in, and had a blast.  We ate at some fantastic restaurants, did some beautiful hiking in Shenandoah National Park, watched Janelle and Thomas finish a 10 mile race, saw some other old friends, toured wine/brewery country, visited with Janelle's family, and did a little walking around Washington DC (Leni had never been before).

We took way too many pics to post.  You can either see them on my Facebook account or here.  

Many thanks go to Janelle for being an excellent host and planner for this trip.  Can't wait to see you guys again!

Leni, Maggie, Janelle, Thomas
Seriously though...go check out those pictures.  They're awesome.

Keep It Real!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For Those Who Scoffed

Sometime in October, our ski equipment was ready to go and we were itching to ski.  We had purchased season tickets to the local ski joint, Pajarito Mountain at the early season discount and were just waiting for the snow.

That, however, was the problem.  Not only had there been no snow, but the long term predictions for snow for our area were not good for Winter 2010/2011.  Truth be told, we didn't really know that at the time.  All we had to go from was last winter here in Los Alamos which was laden with snow and, of course, the year we had no money for lift tickets.  


I am happy to report that after yesterday's last ski day of the season, I have officially gotten my money's worth out of my season pass.  Between the full ski days here and the occasional half days there, I made the risky purchase worth it.  Even after weekends missed due to trips elsewhere, busyness, illness, and two weekends in Tucson recently, I came out $46 on top.

So to those who scoffed and said that the season pass wasn't worth the money this year, HA!

Keep It Real!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Letter to Mac Users

Dear Mac Users, 

Let me congratulate you on your fantastic product.  I have yet to meet a Mac user who isn't head over heals in love with their machine.  Not only do you have a great product, I'm especially happy that you are so pleased with it.

I do have one request.

Can you please stop projecting your love of Apple products on PC users?  Please.

I have nothing against Macs.  Really, I don't.

But I'm getting just a little tired of Mac users feeling like it is their personal crusade to use their Mac evangelization skills to convert me.

Although I do appreciate your obvious concern, I'm really doing just fine with my PC.  It does everything I need and more.  

And just so you know, when my PC reaches the end of its usable life, I'll probably replace it with another PC.  

Just be forewarned.


Maggie <><