Friday, March 4, 2011

A Letter to Mac Users

Dear Mac Users, 

Let me congratulate you on your fantastic product.  I have yet to meet a Mac user who isn't head over heals in love with their machine.  Not only do you have a great product, I'm especially happy that you are so pleased with it.

I do have one request.

Can you please stop projecting your love of Apple products on PC users?  Please.

I have nothing against Macs.  Really, I don't.

But I'm getting just a little tired of Mac users feeling like it is their personal crusade to use their Mac evangelization skills to convert me.

Although I do appreciate your obvious concern, I'm really doing just fine with my PC.  It does everything I need and more.  

And just so you know, when my PC reaches the end of its usable life, I'll probably replace it with another PC.  

Just be forewarned.


Maggie <><


  1. "Mac Evangelist", kinda reminds me of "Yoga Evangelists". :)


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  3. The first step to dealing with a problem is admitting you have a problem. As soon you feel you have hit the bottom (blue screen of death) let me know, and I can help.

  4. I'm really okay with you using an substandard product. As long as you are happy with mediocracy, I won't try to convince you otherwise.