Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wrong Number

We've all gotten  calls on our phones that were wrong numbers.  It happens here and there.  

What happens less frequently, however, is the wrong number text.  I've gotten them once or twice before.  This past weekend, I got one from an unknown number that read as follows:

Unknown Texter: Hey girl...let's hang out around 1? Is that too late?

I had no idea who it was, nor did I have any idea if 1:00 was too late.  AM?  PM?  

Under normal circumstances, I would just text back letting them know that it was a wrong number and get on with my day.  But on this day, I just felt like kidding around.  So I texted something different back:

Me: Sure, where?

Unknown Texter: Cottonwood

Me: Cool okay

And that was it.  I was hoping that when 1:00 rolled around, I'd get a text from this person asking where I was but I never heard from them again.  Bummer.  

It was worth a try and still did provide a little entertainment.

Keep It Real!

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  1. I've played with wrong numbers before. It's rather entertaining! When I was in high school I told a telemarketer that my dad left us months ago and if he could track my dad down to please call back with his new number. I went on and on about the "dead beat". The telemarketer was in shock. My dad listened to the whole conversation and I thought he might die laughing!