Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Adventures

Up here in the mountains of northern New Mexico, we welcomed in the month of May with this:

Never fear. The snow is gone and today's high temperature is supposed to be 76.

It's turning out to be a more exciting month than I thought it would be. First of all, yesterday was Star Wars Day....May the Fourth Be With You!

Secondly, I'm trying out a new recipe tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo. It looks very flavorful and promising. (5/6 Update: it was!)

In bigger news, I'm being flown to a former place of employment, Camp Gray in Wisconsin, to help close out their year-round programming season. They turned up short-staffed for the last push to the finish line and I'm very blessed to have a flexible enough schedule to be able to go out and help. I'm quite grateful to those covering for my missed work at church here in Los Alamos and also quite excited to see my old stomping grounds and some really wonderful friends!

A little more than a week after returning from Wisconsin, we will be joining some friends from Texas and Kansas in an attempt to ascend Mt. Lindsey in southern Colorado over Memorial Day weekend.

Ain't she a beaut?

Mt. Lindsey is just over 14,000 feet (known affectionately as a "14er"). For our friends, this is a big trip. We are so blessed to live very close and be able to shoot up to CO to do this as often as we want this summer. With this range being just about 4 hours from our house, we could shoot up on a regular weekend to hike or four wheel up one of these mountains and be back for a reasonable bed time on Sunday evening. I don't see it being a frequent occurrence but hopefully it will be more often than just this extended weekend trip up to Mt. Lindsey with friends.

After returning from the Mt. Lindsey trip, I'll have about a day to catch up at work, wash clothes, repack, and then jump a plane to another former place of residence, The Pines, for some assisting work there as well. That's getting into June and perhaps too far out for a May-centered post. My bad.

Keep It Real!


  1. For those of you not easily offended, look up the peaks near Mt. Lindsey on a topographic map.

  2. Andy Miller I am counting on you to do this.

  3. Here is a map to help you out, I looked at over 5 maps until this one was given to me. Not as funny is the fact that you will be by Woodenbong.

    Make sure you check out the Dunes if you are that close.