Thursday, May 20, 2010


Upon finishing 10 days in Wisconsin, I flew back to NM yesterday.

When my delayed flight finally arrived in Albuquerque, I felt like junk. Hours of traveling and not drinking enough water or eating well left me dehydrated and with a nasty headache. Despite my excitement to get home and see Leni and the dogs (not to mention sleep in my own bed!), I reluctantly decided to stay in ABQ with Nick and Claire rather than attempt the 2 hour drive not feeling well.

I finally got home this morning around 9:30. I was greeted by very happy dogs and a clean house. I'm waiting to see Leni in about an hour when he comes home for lunch. Closer inspection to the clean house revealed this:

Guess someone was excited for me to get home. The only question now is who it was: Leni or the dogs?

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