Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camp Consulting, Part I

Ever since I got to Wisconsin a week ago, it's been like reliving college.

The people are different and I'm not going to class like I did back in the day. But the main bullet points of what make a good college experience are still here. I'm eating crappy food between meals. I'm getting up early and going to bed way late. I'm sitting on couches talking to good friends. We're making trips to Starbucks. We're "heading over to the guys' house to watch a movie".

Two nights ago, I participated in my first triathlon. It was an epic event and I wish I'd trained more for it. Its title was "The Food Triathlon" and this was the second time it had been "run". It was created by good friend, Theresa, and new friend, Joe, last summer. It consists of a number of people sitting around a table full of copius amounts of the following:
  • Dr. Pepper (I'd think I was back in TX instead of WI)
  • Frito Scoops & Queso
  • Ice Cream

No one gets up from the table until all of this food is gone. I'd say the night started off well and everyone finished the triathlon strong. Stories were different when we all saw each other for breakfast the next morning in the camp kitchen. I was hearing complaints of tummy aches and gas. I myself was just tired from having trouble falling asleep after eatching such crappy - but delicious - food. Uhg...I am invalidating any hard work I put in at the gym last week.

So here I am at Camp Gray with 4 more days to go before leaving. I'm sitting on a couch watching a movie, eating pretzels and enjoying my favorite Wisconsin brew. Tomorrow we finish up with a group that's been here for the weekend and then we'll get started Monday with my last group before leaving, a 3 day Environmental Stewardship retreat for some kids from Chicago. Should be a good time. Never a dull or lazy moment at camp in May!

Keep It Real!

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