Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Break in Photos

It was quite an eventful Christmas/New Year around here and rather than bore you with a wordy explanation, here are some pictures to enjoy instead:

Trip to Tucson: 1 SUV, 4 adults, 3 dogs, lots of gear :)
Wheelin' on Christmas Eve Day outside Tucson

Christmas Day with the family, including my sister-in-law's parents
House built of shipping containers in Flagstaff

Visit with the Morton family
Headed north for a few days of skiing at Monarch Mountain in CO
Ski hill from parking lot

Winery between Monarch and our hotel in Salida.  Loved that the tasting counter was in the same room as the wine-making equipment
Historic downtown Salida, CO
Ate dinner on New Year's Eve at a pizzeria/brewery.  Enjoyed this beer 6 feet from where it was brewed behind the glass doors

Happy New Year!
Back to the grind tomorrow! 

 Keep it Real and Happy New Year!

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