Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dallas Bound!

No, I'm certainly not planning any trips to Texas soon.  But my Green Bay Packers are!

I don't usually blog about sports here.  I typically leave that to my friend Pat over at Spa's Sports.  This NFL season, however, has been something different for the Packers.

Their regular season wasn't spectacular.  A friend and sports reporter even wrote an article back in October about how the season was essentially over (he has since changed his tune).  The Packers' 10-7 record was just good enough to get them a spot in the Wild Card Weekend.  They went into the playoffs as a 6th seed team and haven't looked back since.  

The Packers DESTROYED the Atlanta Falcons, a team they were expected to lose to.  I don't think I've seen their quarterback, Aaron Rogers, play a better game.  Unfortunately, the same can't be said about their most recent game against the Chicago Bears.  The win was almost more important for the rivalry than it was for a secured spot in Superbowl XLV.  

The excitement over the Packers' 5th Super Bowl appearance does not, however, change the fact that they did not play their best against the Bears.  If they want any shot at winning against the Steelers on February 6th in Dallas, they will have to bring the hunger they had when they played against the Falcons.  The weak stuff they brought this past Sunday won't hack it at the Super Bowl level.

Dear Packers, 

Let's do this.


Maggie <><
Fan and Part-Owner

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