Thursday, November 11, 2010

Decision 2012

We took a poll and it has been decided.  Now that the mid-term elections are over, grumblings about the 2012 presidential election are becoming stronger and it is time for Snack for Later to weigh in with some predictions.

Prediction may be too strong a word.  I don't know if all the candidates below represent my predictions so much as my hopes for a fun, entertaining election season.  Here's who I'd like to see on the ballot:
  • DEMOCRATIC: Barrak Obama -Duh.  

  • REPUBLICAN: Sarah Palin - Please recall that I previously mentioned that these selections are for entertainment purposes (except for my Democratic one).  
I literally cringed the first time I saw this
How great would this be?  For all the entertainment we got out of the Katie Couric interviews and SNL impersonations back in 2008, imagine the fun to be had with a full-blown presidential campaign.  I recently saw a snippet of an 8-episode show on TLC (that will premier soon) called Sarah Palin's Alaska.  In this preview, Sarah was shown doing some rock/ice climbing.  It is probably a fantastic portrayal of Alaska's landscape, but it clearly isn't "Sarah's Alaska".  She obviously had no idea what she was doing and had never experienced Alaska that way before, which was evident by uttering of the (para)phrases, "I've never done this before" and "I'm not sure I can do this".  I can't help but imagine this echoing through the inner chambers of the Oval Office and how true it would be in that context as well.

This segment of an interview with Matt Damon, while somewhat dated, is hilariously true:

On a more serious note, I absolutely cannot imagine any of the two major parties endorsing a reality TV host (Tea Party?  Maybe). It just doesn't seem like something that belongs on the resume of the President of the United States of America.  Additionally, I recently read that Sarah had said (in relation to resigning as governor) that she was relieved to no longer be "shackled in Juneau by those hellbent on seeing my political destruction".

Yeah.  Like the atmosphere inside the Beltway would be any different.


  • INDEPENDENT: Ross Perot

Sure, he may be 80 and no one has heard from him in years.  But I've missed him.

I can only hope that in this time of dormancy, he's been diligently drafting strategy for his 2012 campaign.  As much as I miss sayings like "NAFTA? Don't hafta!", "Giant Sucking Sound", and "Ross for Boss", I'm sure the old guy still has more creativity in there to share with the country to keep us laughing.  He's a one-man-show for sure and I'd be delighted to see a 3-candidate presidential debate again in which the moderator can't control Perot, as he constantly runs over time and interrupts other candidates.  

I saw a list of people who are subject of speculation as far as possible Independent presidential candidates.  On this list was former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura.  Is it just me, or does anyone else think he would make a fantastic VP candidate to run with Perot?

So those are the predictions hopes for entertainment purposes.  Whether you are excited about it or not, it won't be long until we start seeing more in the news about people filing as candidates with the FEC.  Ready or not, here they come.

Keep It Real!

P.S. Los Alamos Trails Goals Update: 7.2 of 29.5 miles completed 

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