Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast

I had been told of the plans but I never believed it would actually happen. After years of dealing with schedules, health concerns, demanding and attention seeking pets, etc, my parents embarked last week on their first long distance road trip together in 10 years. We were lucky enough to be included on their long list of places to visit and people to see. They arrived this past Monday evening after having visited friends in Oklahoma and left this morning, headed for West Texas to visit my dad's sister. It was very nice to see them, even if in the midst of my own busy summer camp schedule.

Ever since they left this morning, I've been thinking about the role reversal that we have been experiencing in my family. It is so true that parents and children do start switching roles at some point in life....not all, but some. Here are some examples from the last two days alone:

  • My dad asked the same questions over and over. I tried to answer them patiently.
  • I had to take my mom to the camp nurse for some advice with a very minor medical question.
  • Leni and I cooked all of their meals
  • I spoke extensively with my dad before his departure regarding the route he would take today and how long it would take.
  • They arrived with a car that needed some work on it and while they were here, Leni fixed it for them.
  • While driving somewhere in the car, we looked back to see my dad asleep in the backseat
Who knows what other roles will come that will change themselves, and probably more than once. The good news is, I get to pick their nursing homes when the time comes!

Keep It Real!

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  1. Maggie the care taker. O shit. Sorry Jim and Candy your done for.