Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can't Stop Going

I'm sure I've mentioned before on this blog, and to anyone who has personally corresponded with me lately, that it is flippin' hot in East Texas this summer. The morning news reported that we may reach a sweltering 108 degree heat index late this afternoon (cut to me taking a bomber nap in my air conditioned abode during that time!).

While I still fully intend on spending my time complaining about the heat, I'm also making an effort to turn this week's heat into a health awareness experience. In the bathroom of the camp office, there is a chart for the week where several of us are recording how much water we drink (in nalgene units of course) as well as how many times we visit the restroom due to the water intake.

Yesterday was the first day of this experience and I have to say that I am quite amazed at what happened. Beginning at 8am and ending at about 10pm, I consumed 6 nalgenes and relieved myself 12 times. I may as well have sat on the toilet and just drown my sorrows with water because it was coming out fast enough. The good news is, I felt much better than I usually do during a given day of summer camp. I was much less sluggish and had energy that lasted much longer. Six nalgenes may be unecessary but I'm going to continue to shoot for 4-5 per day.

I want to leave you with an interesting fact:

If you amounted all the urine that each human on the planet expells in a single day, it would take it 45 minutes to rush over Niagra Falls!

Keep It Real!

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  1. Light weight. I drank 8 a day last summer. One day I drank 8 and never went Wee Wee. That's when Aloe told me I have diabetes.