Sunday, June 28, 2009


Let's just come out and say it: I like to play jokes on people. It invigorates me. It brings together the power of wit and laughter. For the last month, I've been planning a good one on Leni. The plan was to have a friend, who is pregnant, take a pregnancy test and give it to me. I was then going to use it to let Leni believe that I myself was pregnant and then enjoy his reaction - whatever it may be.

Whatever grand reactions I had conjured up in my head, this was what ensued early on Saturday morning:

Maggie: "Leni wake up"
Leni: "What?"
Maggie: "I've been feeling different lately. Long story short, I took a pregnancy test about a half hour ago and I can't get up the nerve to go look at it myself. I wanted to just take it without telling you so that if it was negative, you wouldn't have to worry, but I just can't look at it. I need you to look at it for me."
Leni: "Well that's a way to wake up"

Leni goes into bathroom and comes back

Leni: "Babe I think you should make a doctor appointment and get a legit test done because this one is are you doing?"
Maggie: "I don't"
Leni: "Maggie it is going to be fine. I'll get a really good job when I graduate and I will have started it already. Whatever happens, we can handle it!"
Maggie: "You are absolutely no fun."

Leni did say my acting skills were very good but it didn't turn out to be any sort of consolation for me. When else has a wife ever been irritated at husband for being so loving and supportive? As utterly disappointed as I was for my fun being ruined by someone else's good character....nevermind...I was going to come up with something good that has come of this but I just can't think of any.

Keep It Real!

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  1. Ok, well you CERTAINLY had ME going! Man, you post a BFP (big fat positive) at the top of you entry--you TWERP!!!! *sigh* One of these days, Mags, one of these days..........