Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Getting Hot In Here...

...so drink your H20!

It's true what they say about Texas. It's so hot that the birds are using potholders to pull up the worms. The trees are whistling for the dogs. The farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs. I was going to mention that one could make instant sun tea but, as you may have noticed from my most recent post, I have no problem whatsoever with that. Want to know the worst part about the heat? It's not even at its worst yet!

A good friend and co-worker, Greg, and I have been testing some of our staff. The riddle is as follows:

The worth of two coins adds up to 30 cents. One of them is not a nickel. How is this possible?

If you know the asnwer to this question, I will know two things about you:

1. Your intelligence level
2. What you do (or do not!) watch on television

Only the truely worthy will understand this.

In other news, I heard from Leni recently. He has been in New Zealand with his father and brother for a week and has yet another week to go before coming home. They sound like they are having a magnificent time. Below are some photos from the trip:

Either the beginning or end of a multi-day hunting trip

Landon and Leni on the trail

Paul and Leni getting some lobster from a vendor after the hunting trip

Keep It Real!


  1. Don't you glue two dimes together to make one coin and then add another dime?