Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Winner Emerges

In spite of all the things I've started in my life with good intentions of finishing, I'm afraid there are more than a few things that are yet to be crossed off the list.  In the last couple weeks, however, I decided to knock off a big one.

More than two years ago, I thought it would be cool to eat at all the dining establishments in the county that offer breakfast burritos.  Breakfast burritos are one of my most favorite foods and I will happily eat them at any time of day.  When paired with a Dr. Pepper and something nice to read, you've attained my definition of contentment.  

So in that 2+ years, I've been slowly visiting the various burrito-serving eateries, with the exception of one* (see note below).  This was, at some times, a challenge because many places stop serving breakfast burritos after 10 or 11 AM.  And shame on them.  In that amount of time, some places closed their businesses for good before I ever got a chance to try them out.  To balance things out, some new ones have opened too so I figure it all balances out.  So as of this day, I have tried breakfast burritos at the following establishments (in absolutely no particular order):
  • Chili Works
  • El Parasol
  • Viola's
  • Hot Rocks
  • Morning Glory
  • Knapp's Wraps
  • Coffee House
  • Daniel's Cafe
  • El Rigobertos
This was tough to judge, folks.  Every burrito I tired was great.  Many were fabulous.  I always ordered the burritos with bacon and green chile.  Judging was based on several things such as tortilla quality, tightness of the wrap, spice level of the chile, crispiness of the bacon, ingredient proportions, how well the ingredients were mixed with each other vs just layered, etc.  In the end only one could be crowned a winner, given the competition parameters.

Ladies and gentlemen....I give you the winner: Knapp's Wraps of White Rock

Congratulations, Knapp's Wraps :)  If you haven't been down to White Rock and eaten here, you are missing out.  Street food is all the rage these days and these folks know how to do it up right!

Keep it Real!

*Sonic Drive-In, in my opinion, is good for only drinks and dessert.  The food has no place in my life.

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