Monday, August 13, 2012

Post Olympic Thoughts

  • What's up with competition attire not being red white and blue for the US?  Purple gymnastics leotards?  
  • Many congratulations to Michael Phelps, his coaches and family on his medals.  To be honest though, I actually don't like when people say he is the Greatest Olympian of All Time.  I tend to prefer Most Decorated.  I'm still having trouble getting over his lack of humility during interviews the last two weeks, which, for me, is part of "greatness".  It's still an absolutely incredible feat that deserves recognition.
  • Having DVR REVOLUTIONIZED how I watch the Olympics!
  • Rules for eligibility regarding the all-around in gymnastics are BS.
  • Synchronized diving should be limited only to identical twins
  • Women shot putters frighten me.  FRIGHTEN me.
  • It is amusing to me that the female beach volleyball players from Brazil have "Bra" written across the chests of their outfits.
Days until the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: 543....FAR too many.

Keep It Real!

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