Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let the Games Begin

There are only 71 days until the Summer Olympics in London.  But this isn't really about those games.

I'm talking about the New Mexico Brew Challenge, a competition being held among most of my husband's office co-workers and their spouses.  The goal: to visit each of the breweries in the state of New Mexico, beginning on Memorial Day Weekend and ending on Labor Day Weekend.

Leni and a co-worker have been mulling over this project for over a week now, determining rules of play, the point system, etc and finally have it all hammered out.  Different points are awarded for different breweries, based on their distances from where we live.  One can earn points for visiting the brewery as well as consuming a product sold outside the brewery as well.  In true engineer fashion, there's a complex spreadsheet for keeping track of points, etc.

Here are some quick stats:

  • Number of breweries: 20
  • Cities the breweries are spread across: 10
  • Distance between two closest breweries: .1 mile 
  • Distance between two farthest breweries: 403 miles
There's been some scoffing that it will be difficult for Leni and me to finish with an infant in tow.  While it is true that it may be hard, we are no less motivated.  I don't just want to win.  I want to annihilate.  I want to finish so quickly that someone cries.

Here's to a good summer and a great way to get around and see new places in the Land of Enchantment!

Keep it Real (and drink responsibly) 


  1. Do you get bonus points for visiting breweries in other states with an infant in tow? There are at least three in Charlottesville that you could knock out while you're here;)

  2. I think this quite possibly may be the best game competition ever. If only I could still drink gluten-ed beer and still lived in Bend (home of about a bajillion microbrews), I would participate in this game from afar. I hope you dominate!