Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joshua Daniel Moore

Our son is two weeks old today.  Below is the first picture we ever took of him when he was just a couple hours old.

Born April 24 at 3:59 am
His picture has been all over Facebook and across tons of text messages but he's had no mention on this blog.  

The reason for Joshua's absence on the blog is not lack of time to do it but rather not knowing what to say, since the word of his arrival has been out for some time now.

At this point in the game, reps from both sides of the family have come, seen, and gone.  Everyone was very helpful, whether it was cooking, cleaning, holding Josh, etc.  He's been to church twice.  He's even been down to Santa Fe a couple times.  

There have been two standard visits with the pediatrician: one in our home 48 hours after discharge and one in the doctor's office just yesterday.  Both went swimmingly.  I'm not a person who typically enjoys when people overstate things (unless for purposes of sarcasm and humor) a lot but one can't complain about hearing a pediatrician use the word "perfect" to describe any child, let alone one's own :)

Loyal readers and those who know me well may remember that I like numbers and stats.  Here are some we learned in yesterday's two week appointment with the doc:

Weight at birth: 7 lbs 8 oz - 15th percentile
Weight at 2 weeks: 8 lbs 4.5 oz - 25th percentile

Length at birth: 21 inches - 75th percentile
Length at 2 weeks: 22 inches - 90th percentile

Anyway I could come up with more to update you on I suppose but I don't want to be the parent that goes on and on.  For now, I'll just leave you with a photo from today.

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