Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and a Rant

Our Halloween was drawn out and fun this year.  It started on Thursday when we had 3 kids from a family we know from church over for some pizza and pumpkin carving.

Charlotte, Leni, Malcolm, and Sasha!
After the kids went home with their parents, I found a few minutes to carve my own pumpkin:

Get it?
We had been invited to a halloween party on Saturday night.  We were excited about our costumes so the day couldn't come fast enough.  Other people got a kick out of our costumes, which made the event a riot for me.

We got good use out of the costumes again on Monday when we actually trick-or-treated a couple pre-selected homes of friends.

A quick note to any readers who turn their noses up at the idea of one claiming to be Christian while still taking part in Halloween festivities:  CHILL OUT.  There were no seances or devil worship or ouija boards.  The weekend was spent entertaining three siblings so their parents could have a date, and dressing up silly with some friends.  Want the real scoop on pagan holidays?  Look up the polytheistic pagan roots of Christmas and Easter.  It's not about how it started, folks.  It's how you celebrate it NOW.


Keep it Real!

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