Thursday, May 12, 2011


With my departure to Ecuador a mere 35 days away, to say I'm getting excited would be an understatement.

Specifically, there were two places I wanted to check out online.  The first was the place we will be staying when we go to the beach for a few days.  It checked out just fine.  It was the hot springs spa and resort where we will stay later that made me somewhat.....uncomfortable.

The name: Thermas Papallacta.  The location: in a tiny village east of Quito.  

The website is nicely done and includes a lot of photos of the grounds and tons of information about the accommodations and amenities.  All was going pretty well until I read two words that should NEVER be found in a list of spa services...

Colon Stimulation.

Colon Stimulation?


We will now refer to the above mentioned horror as "CS"

As it turns out, one can pay $24 for 30 minutes of CS.  The website, as informative as it was, offered absolutely no clues as to what this might be.  My first thought was that there must be a simple explanation to couldn't be what I think.  I hope.  Most simple explanations can be ascertained by a simple google search.  Don't worry.  I stopped myself before actually doing it.  Fear of disgusting photos and links to XXX websites stopped me before I actually did the search.  To no avail, I even asked a couple people about it, hoping that their spa experiences would yield some wisdom.  

I'm hoping that the spa staff speaks English when I get there.  And FLUENT English at that.  I don't want my inquiry to what a CS is to be misinterpreted as an order for one.  And no way in HECK am I trusting Leni or any of his Spanish-speaking family to translate accurately for me if the staff speaks only Spanish.  

I'd be just as happy going to my grave not knowing what CS is if it means avoiding being the butt of a Moore family prank.  

Keep It Real!


  1. They may not speak fluent English but they may have a flatulent response to your colon stimulation inquiry!! Have fun!

  2. I think that means an enema. Search on google for "spa colon stimulation" This blog post is the first hit! Good job Maggie! The second link is an explanation of the process.