Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Long Time in the Making...Let the Countdown Begin!

Meet my backpacking pack:

Forgive the sterile web photo.  Mine is buried in the bottom of a closet and I have absolutely no desire to unearth it for a blog photograph.  Deal with it.
Although she hasn't gotten as much use as I'd like, this pack and I have been together for a few trips since 2005.  

She's been pretty good to me with one exception.  She's been mocking me since 2006 when she got to go to Ecuador and I did not.


It was the summer I was dating Leni and he and his family were going to Ecuador for two weeks.  It was the first time Leni had been back since living there as a member of a missionary family when he was younger.  There was to be a backpacking portion of this trip for which they were short a pack.  So I happily loaned mine out.

Flash forward to last summer.  Leni and I had just paid off my car.  Some number crunching revealed that if we continued saving the amount I'd been making in monthly car payments, we could finally afford a trip to Ecuador during summer 2011, when we knew some members of Leni's family were already planning on going.

Back then, summer 2011 seemed so far away.  The plans for financing the trip were in place but it was much too soon to start any other type of planning.  So we waited.

Well, here we are now in April for a trip that starts in June.  It's starting to feel real and we've slowly started to take some steps to plan this 2 week trip out!

I got my passport back in February.

Also in that month, we purchased plane tickets.

Currently, the family is in the process of planning how the trip will look, day by day, when we are down there. Kind of crazy but fun planning an international trip for people from 3-4 households!  Usually when I go on trips I'm the planner but not having the experience that some of these other folks have in traveling to this particular locale, it's being handled by others, which I'm finding relieving and ever-so-slightly stressful all at the same time.

Days left before the trip: 63.  We depart June 17th and will be back on July 3rd.  

That darn pack has just a little over 2 months left of the mocking.  Hope she enjoys them.

Keep It Real!

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