Friday, April 2, 2010


Before proceeding in this blog post, hit play on the video below. You don't have to watch it but I love the music in it. It is a song called "New Again" as co-performed by country singers Brad Paisley and Sara Evans and is meant to represent the dialog between Christ and his mother Mary in the moments leading up to His crucifixion. I'm not at all interested in the video itself but rather simply the music and lyrics. It's a very meaningful song and happens to make excellent background music for this blog...turn up the speakers!

An artist in our church felt the calling a few years back to create some pieces of art for the church to use as Stations of the Cross during Holy Week each year. Below are photos I took of each of them as they hung this week in our church's parish hall. Unlike many other stations I've seen in countless churches, this particular set does not portray what an onlooker might have seen. For the most part, the images depict the stations from Christ's point of view. Have a look for yourself and see what I mean:

1) Jesus is condemned to death

2) Jesus is given his cross

3) Jesus falls the first time

4) Jesus meets his mother

5) Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

6) Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

7) Jesus falls the second time

8) Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem

9) Jesus falls the third time

10) Jesus is stripped of his garments

11) Jesus is nailed to the cross

12) Jesus dies on the cross

13) Jesus' body is removed from the cross

14) Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense

It took me a few ganders to gain what I think is the proper understanding of each of these pieces. Let me know if you need some assistance...I'll admit I had a few questions too!

Props go to anyone who understands the title of this post without looking it up! Extra props if you didn't work at Camp Gray during the summer of 2001.

Keep It Real!

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