Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Swear! Your Children Were Safe!!

Funny story...

Last weekend, some wonderful teens from our church went on a retreat at a camp close by.  Leni was with them the whole time and I joined them for the day on Saturday.  I hardly sleep well in my own bed these days so the prospect of sleeping in a strange, camp bed did not sound at all appealing.  

Anyway, knowing that I wouldn't be contributing as much to the weekend as the other adults involved, I was more than happy to do some running around the day of the departure and take care of the supply gathering in order to have it all loaded in the van for them.

Among my couple stops that morning was the hardware store.  As I was wondering around, a friendly employee meandered over to see if he could help me find anything.  This being the only hardware store in town, I pretty much know where everything is, but I humored the guy and chatted with him for a few moments.  He asked if I was shopping for some project and I said that I was actually gathering supplies for a church youth retreat.

Big mistake.

I followed his eyes to my basket where the only items collected so far were duct tape and box cutters.  

Church youth retreat?

I can only imagine what the poor guy was thinking.  I'm not gonna got awkward.  I joked about it to try to lighten the moment but I think he seriously thinks we took kids to Gitmo instead of a legit retreat.

Ah well...he's not the first, nor the last person I'll meet to think I'm nuts.  If only he could have been with me a couple days later at Sam's club when, at one point, all I had in the cart was diapers and bourbon.

Keep it Real!


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  2. Heeheeheeheehee! Diapers and bourbon, huh? I'm going to have so much fun watching you guys be parents (awesome ones, I'm sure, but fun...)