Friday, February 3, 2012

Eyes on Politics

Two blog posts in three days.  To the few of you out there who have complained that I don't post your hearts out.

On a day when I'm not in a rush, my morning routine includes turning on the laptop and checking in with a few websites.  Email....obviously.  Then Facebook.  Sometimes Craigslist to see what weird stuff my fellow Los Alamosans are trying to sell.  But one place I always check on before signing off and finishing my getting-ready-process is the CNN website.

Today's headlines seemed like nothing new at first....kidnappings, threats of war, consumer warnings, etc.  That is, until I read the following headline: "Comedian Running for President"

Oh please let it be for real and let it be someone hysterical!

I clicked on the link and, to my great surprise, found that the one and only, Roseanne Barr, a Green Party member, is running for president.  See it for yourself here.

Oh my gosh!

She looks so much better than I remember her looking in the 90s
I couldn't believe it.  I quickly zipped over to the Wikipedia page on the candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election to double check.

That's right.  I confirmed what I read on CNN by double checking with Wikipedia.

We all know that, the way our country is politically shaped, no one who runs for the Green Party is going to become president.  Maybe someday in the future....but not any time soon.  But people who run for these smaller parties do so in an effort to get the word out and have some national publicity for their platform.  And good for them.

Man...I hope her campaign lasts a REALLY long time.  The comedic relief for me personally, even if she is completely serious as a "candidate", would be priceless in the midst of all the junk that comes with election season.

Now before you get too excited, settle down.  Nothing gets too darn serious until the Green Party Convention this summer.  As of current, there are a handful of other candidates also vying for the Green Party nomination.  But how could they put forth anyone else?  She's SO patriotic!!

So stay glued to whatever device through which you gather your political news, folks.  It's sure to be an entertaining ride, however long it lasts!

Keep It Real!

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