Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer 2010 in Numbers

Today marks the autumnal equinox.  School has long been back in session, the summer vacations have come to a close, and Fall is here!  Fall is my favorite season, and the only that I haven't experienced here in Los Alamos.  I love the color change, the cooler temperatures, and wearing jeans and fleece vests.  That being said, it is sad to finally say "good bye" to Summer 2010.  Below is an ode to the summer....a recollection in numbers:

0     Payments left on my 2008 Toyota Corolla
1     Family reunions attended
1     Houses purchased
2     Nights it was uncomfortably hot in said house 
2     Weddings attended
2     Mountains summited, exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation
2     Live stage productions seen
3     Four-wheeling trips in the 4runner
3     Times our tent was pitched
4     Parents visiting at one time
4     Free weekends with no plans
6     Friday night concerts attended
8     States driven through
8     Max amount of dogs hosted at our house at once
13   Weekends during which we had plans
14   Craigslist deals brokered
23   Blog posts made 
27   Friends visited
60   Pounds of beef purchased from an organic farm
153 Episodes of Gilmore Girls watched on DVD

Keep It Real!

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