Saturday, August 21, 2010

Both Sides of the Issue: A Follow Up

Note: If you have not read my blog post from earlier this month, Can't Keep Quiet, you should read it before continuing on in this particular post.

A friend from my old stomping grounds in Wisconsin recently started a blog.  We here at Snack for Later wish to extend a warm welcome to former camper, fellow Camp Gray Staff Alum, and author of the new blog, Its Hard to be Humble.

The first post from Its Hard to be Humble was a response to my aforementioned blog post, Can't Keep Quiet, which dealt with my opinion of the Vatican's stance on the ordination of women in the Catholic Church.  Although our points of view still differ, I did find the response to be well written and clearly thought out.  Even in my disagreement, I can still appreciate an author who can state his or her side of an issue and still be respectful.

That being said, in my own quest toward humility, I thought it only appropriate that I make this other point of view available to my readers.  If anyone is interested in the response to my post from a well-educated seminarian of the Catholic church, it can be found here.

May this reading and the convictions of your own heart lead you to your own opinion, both in this matter and all others (because hey...election season is upon us!)

Keep It Real!

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