Saturday, June 5, 2010

Camp Consulting, Part II

Hello from Texas...I'm only happy to say that because it is so very temporary!

I got here this past Wednesday evening. The Pines, the camp for which I formerly worked, paid for me to come out and help train the current Assistant Director, Bri, in the use of some camp software that she needs to understand well before Day 1 with campers, tomorrow.

Good friend, Stacy drove me from the airport in Dallas to camp and stayed until Friday morning. It was definitely great to get to spend the extra time with her when I was not working with Bri.

It was also delightful to see non-camp-affiliated friends close by, Josh and Kalyn. They were gracious enough to take me out to dinner on Friday night as well as a walk from their house to a frozen custard stand in town.

Today has been a "day off" for the camp staff in between staff training week and the first session with kiddos. I helped run some errands and finish up some last minute projects around camp in preparation for camper families arriving tomorrow. I will assist Bri as she uses the camp program during camper check-in tomorrow and then fly back to New Mexico on Monday.

Newsflash: it's freaking hot in Texas. I'm handling it well but it has been a gross reminder of one of the reasons I left this state. On a happier note, my visit here has reminded me of a skill that one only uses in Texas. Good news, folks: I can still do the Boot Scootin' Boogie.

Keep It Real!

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