Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making the Grade

Call me nerdy and pathetic if you want. But this week I took 5 middle school tests.

With the enormous amount of free time I have on my hands at this point and my probable new job not quite started (more on that in another post...stay tuned!), I'm running out of ways to keep myself occupied. So when I saw my brother, a science teacher, last weekend and he sent me home with a copy of his latest exam, I was actually excited to take it. Before I was done with it, he had emailed me a few other exams to try as well.

I know what you are thinking. An almost 29-year-old should be able to ace a test written for a a middle school student with no trouble. I thought this as well at first. But not having reviewed any material that the students saw and not doing my own research, the task proved more difficult than I expected. Relying 100% on my brain from the memory of an primary education had long ago, I got started. As if Nick's 4 science tests weren't enough, my sister-in-law, Claire (an English teacher), sent me one of her exams as well. 3/10 update: Mrs. Courtney Poulsen, teacher in Richardson, TX sent me a recent some History tests! By the time it was all over, I had been tested on the following:
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Weather
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Grammar
  • The Era of Good Feelings
  • The American Revolution
These exams truly did test my mind. The science tests required a lot of writing, most of them being in essay question form. The grammar test had its easy points but also its tough ones (the latter outnumbered the former). I know you are dying to know what my scores were. They are below:
  • Scientific Thinking - 90%
  • Weather - 79%
  • Plate Tectonics - 100%
  • Rocks and Minerals - 94%
  • Grammar - 58% - don't judge. It was frickin' hard. Do you know what a adverb prepositional phrase is? Without looking it up?
  • The Era of Good Feelings - 42% - this used to be a strong subject of mine but I don't remember ever having studied "The Era of Good Feelings"
  • The American Revolution - 70%
If anyone is feeling nerdy enough to at least look at these tests, let me know. I'll email them right to you!

Keep It Real!


  1. You're a good sport. If it helps, I just graded all the tests, and not a single student scored 100%.

  2. When are these test going to be in my email?

  3. mine too! I'm going to whoooop Andy's behind!!