Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! Put Our Service to the Test!

We were recently blessed with the presence of my best friend of 9 years, Janelle, for a 5ish day visit!

It had been almost exactly a year since I last saw her so it was nice not only to connect but also to have her be the first of my friends to visit us at our new home in NM. Her visit included the following highlights:
  • Seeing the city of Los Alamos and learning about its unique history
  • Wandering the streets of historic Santa Fe
  • Hot tubbing
  • Wine tasting - we found one made specifically for Valentine's Day that had a chocolate finish. It was delicious!
  • A long hike in the canyon trails behind our house with my brother and sister-in-law and their dog, Dottie
You too could experience such an agenda! Let me know when to expect you! The photo above is of us on the hiking trails in the canyon.

Now that Janelle is gone and safely back in Charlottesville, VA (by the grace of God and no thanks to the snowy weather!), my focus is turning to my other love in life, the Olympics (see post below).

2 days until the Olympics begin!

Keep It Real!

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